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Kahalu’u Reef remains one of the top spots for tourists and locals alike. Located in the Kona area of the Kailua-Kona district of the Big Island, this location offers everything Hawai’i and more. Here, you have unlimited access to warm weather, pristine white sand, tranquil blue waters, and access to wildlife reserves, and beautiful hiking spots.

In the heart of the historical Kona area, you’ll find Kahaluu Reef – a great place to start your memorable Hawaiian vacation. Check out these vacation rentals available in Kahalu’u Reef as you plan your vacation.

Why choose a vacation rental?

Often, tourists opt to stay in hotels because of the amenities that come with them and the classy experience associated with them. However, in Hawaii, you would want to get an authentic experience and create a memory you will definitely treasure for a lifetime. Here are a few compelling reasons you should go for a vacation rental instead.

1. Cheaper costs

A Hawaii vacation is a dream experience for a lot of travelers. To make it happen, some people skimp on experiences like food or tours but pay more for accommodation by staying in hotels. Generally, vacation rentals cost less than a hotel room. You make up for what you lose in amenities like food or housekeeping with increased space and freedom—all at a lower cost.

2. Added privacy

With hotels and apartments, most amenities are shared between all guests. You have the option to use common swimming pools,  tubs, and laundry areas. Meanwhile, a Big Island vacation rental offers its own bathroom and dirty kitchen, although a swimming pool might be rare. Still, if you’re taking a vacation in Kahalu’uReef, you’re never far from the calming waters of the Pacific.

3. Feel more like a local

Rental homes capture the local aesthetic and feel in a way that high-rise buildings can’t. In Kahalu’u Reef, most of the vacation rental units you’ll find look like the average Hawaiian home, giving you that authentic feel right from when you arrive. Separate rooms for separate members of the team,

The Prime Location: Kahalu’u Reef

The Big Island, officially known as Hawaii, is the youngest and the most significant part of the Aloha State. Almost twice as large as the rest of the state combined, its common name is well-earned. More importantly, its size is enough to give guests a taste of different climate systems. Most of the island of Hawaii is known for their warmth and tropical climate. However, despite being active volcanoes, the island offers a polar tundra environment by visiting the summit of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.

One of its largest settlements is in the Kailua-Kona district, a key location for the island and the entire state. It is served by Kona International Airport, only a few minutes away from Kahalu’u Reef Location. Some of the travel destinations in the region alone include the following:

Ali’i Drive

Imagine landing from the airport and going through your vacation rental through Ali’i Drive. This oceanfront downtown stretch has earned the nickname “Royal Footsteps Along the Kona Coast.” Watch the tranquil neighborhood facing the serene waters of the Kailua Bay.

Kahalu’u Bay

A historic settlement, Kahalu’u Bay has become a popular recreational area. The area has a surf school right across from the historic site of an ancient canoe landing. It’s also the home of the Kohala Center, which offers a ReefTeach program that raises awareness about natural preservation.

Mokuaikaua Church

Also found along Ali’i Drive, Mokuaikaua Church is known as the first Christian church built on the island. Aside from the longstanding structure that has survived several fires across its history, the church also houses several artifacts.

La’aloa Bay

Also known as Magic Sands or White Sands Beach, La’aloa Beach County Park is known for its beach. On days with calm weather, it boasts fine white sands that disappear when the sea washes the sands out during the rainy seasons. It’s more than just Instagram-worthy – it’s perfect for a restful holiday. 

Our Kona Vacation Rental Location: Kahalu’u Reef

Cap off every adventurous day with a relaxing view of the Hawaiian sunset. Kahalu’u Reef 301is only a few steps away from the ocean. This two-bedroom, two-bathroom Kahalu’u Reef location will ensure an excellent experience for the whole family. Let the sound of the birds and the crashing waves lull you to sleep.

This vacation rental in Kona is located within Keauhou Resort, right across from Kahalu’u Beach. It’s also near the lively Keauhou Shopping Center, ready to provide you and your family with everything you need. You’re already at Kahalu’u Bay, a few steps further, perfect for snorkeling, surfing, swimming, and strolling along its fine sands.

During your stay, stay comfortable with portable air-conditioning units in every room. If you prefer the ocean breeze, keep the cool air circulating with ceiling fans installed in significant parts of the home. 

Despite its offering of an island lifestyle, there’s no need to sacrifice life’s modern conveniences. Thanks to the wireless internet covering every inch of the vacation rental space, get ready to upload all photos and videos for the day. Its kitchen, fully stocked and updated upon your arrival, has granite countertops and the convenience of usual appliances like a microwave and an oven toaster.

Enjoy ocean views from almost anywhere in the unit—the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Lastly, if you need an open space to admire the rolling mountains behind and the stretching ocean in front, the upper-level lanai got you covered.

Book Your Hawaiian Vacation Soon

If you’re still looking for a perfect Hawaiian vacation, look no further than Kahalu’u Reef. It’s accessible through the Kona International Airport and offers access to many environmental and cultural wonders. More importantly, the location lets you experience an authentic Hawaiian life. 

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