Keauhou Vacation Resort – A Premier Destination for Your Big Island Adventure

October 27, 2022

Hawaii is synonymous with paradise, and the Big Island offers some of the best vacation spots in the world. If you’re looking for an incredible island getaway, Keauhou Vacation Resort is the place for you.

Keauhou is a historic resort village located on the south coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. It has become a popular destination for sun lovers and intrepid water adventurers, thanks to its wealth of royalties and amazing features.

Most of the condo communities offer a premier place to kick back and relax, making it an opportunity you will not want to miss out on!

Things to Do in Keauhou – Activities, and Attractions

Keauhou offers plenty of activities and attractions that will keep you busy during your vacation.

Here are some of the best things to do and see in Keauhou:

Visit the Birthplace of Kamehameha III

These days, Keauhou is an unincorporated community. However, back in monarchical times, it was surrounded by a populated village. Kamehameha III took the throne at a young age and instituted significant changes regarding land ownership and literacy. He became the longest-reigning Hawaiian monarch. His birthplace is now marked by a stone at the head of Keauhou Bay.

Explore the Historic Kailua Village

The Historic Kailua Village is a popular spot for visitors, with its seaside charm and association with the Kona coast. It was well-loved by Hawaiian royalty in the past and continues to be today.

Enjoy a Cup of Kona Coffee in Holualoa

The world-famous Kona coffee cherries grow on the island’s upland slopes, which are also home to Kona’s illustrious crop. Holualoa, a coffee-growing hamlet with fertile volcanic soil ideal for producing the all-important Kona coffee cherries, is located five miles uphill from Keauhou.

Swim with Manta Rays at Night

One of the most popular activities in Keauhou is swimming with manta rays at night. These gentle giants are attracted to the light, making for an unforgettable experience.

Manta rays have been known to frequent the waters off the Kona Coast, but if you want to see them at any one moment, Keauhou is a more predictable choice than the north coast’s waters.

See the Remains of Big Island’s Royal Slide

Keauhou’s royalty wasn’t only limited to surfing; they loved sledding, too. The Royal Holua Slide is located near Ali’i Drive and the country club– a visible reminder of Keauhou’s past ties to its royal roots.

The Best Hotel Resorts and Vacation Rentals in Keauhou

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious vacation rental or a more budget-friendly option, Keauhou has plenty of choices.

Here are some of the best hotels and vacation rentals in Keauhou:

Keauhou Palena Resort

Keauhou Palena vacation rentals are located by the 36-hole Kona Country Club, which features the Ocean and Ali’i (Royal) Golf Courses, and are just a short walk from Keauhou Bay, where manta rays abound. The resort complex is south of Kailua-Kona in Big Island and is less than a quarter mile from Keauhou Bay, which is known for its amazing manta rays.

At Keauhou Palena Resort, you can enjoy a relaxing Hawaiian getaway or go on adventures – all with stunning views of the greens and refreshing air.

Rentals with Fully-Furnished Modern Facilities

The resort offers one to two-bedroom condo rentals that welcome up to six guests. If you’re looking for in-house entertainment, they have cable and satellite TV along with WiFi access. You can also sink into our plush cushions and enjoy a cup of Kona coffee while taking in the view from the inside.

The kitchen is fully equipped and easy to use, so you can cook your meals while on vacation. There are many shopping and dining choices nearby, so you’ll never feel like you’re away from home.

Other Awesome Features

Some vacation rentals have a retractable door between the living area and your bedroom. This is good if you want to spend time with your family but also want some privacy.

The condo’s interior layout has an open floor plan which allows living spaces to blend naturally. This makes the inside appear larger. The walls are painted in muted tones that are warm in tone. It gives the impression of a nice place to unwind into.

If you’re looking for an active vacation, Keauhou Palena offers a tennis court where you may exercise before heading to the greens nearby. Alternatively, the communal pool is a nice addition to the hotel’s recreational facilities if you want to just lounge by the pool or take a refreshing swim.

Na Hale O Keauhou Resort

Situated a few miles south of Kailua-Kona’s historic downtown, Na Hale O Keauhou Resort places you near the Keauhou Shopping Center. This is where you can escape and vacation like royalty on Big Island.

In addition to its natural beauty, the sunny Kona Coast of the island is also full of historical landmarks connected to Hawaiian royalty, such as being the birthplace of King Kamehameha III.

Fully-Furnished Modern Facilities

The resort offers two- or three-bedroom units that can accommodate up to six guests, complete with homey amenities and furnishings.

The kitchen has top-of-the-line appliances and granite countertops, making cooking away from home as simple as possible. Serve hot meals in the spacious dining area or on your lovely lanai. With full-sized in-unit washers and dryers, you can take care of all your laundry needs.

The community pavilion is equipped with a kitchen and BBQ grills so you may dine and socialize outside of the resort if you prefer to stay in an al fresco ambience within the grounds.

Resort Amenities and Services

The resort has plenty of amenities to keep you busy, including a pool, hot tub, fitness center, and barbeque area. The ground-level garage is fully equipped with beach essentials like towels, umbrellas, boogie boards, and snorkeling gear.

There’s also an on-site property manager in case you need any assistance during your stay.

The Na Hale O Keauhou vacation townhomes were built with your comfort in mind. The open floor plan, from the living room to the dining area and kitchen, makes the indoors seem as breathable as the outside. The condos’ warm, comfortable tones and cheerful interior design exude a friendly atmosphere that welcomes you upon arrival.

Nearby Attractions of Both Resorts

The residential area of Keauhou is a great place to go snorkeling or surfing. Kahalu’u Beach Park is less than five minutes away and it is a great place to see colorful tropical fish and ‘honu,’ Hawaiian sea turtles.

White Sand Beach, located only a short distance away, is a great place to go to the beach. The sand moves around a lot in the winter and spring, so it’s perfect for watching whales. You can watch them from the beach or from a boat that leaves from Keauhou pier.

Just two miles away from the resort, in Keauhou Bay, you can find the manta rays that everyone is always talking about. The bay is full of plankton which attracts these amazing marine creatures and makes nights here very popular with visitors who want to swim with them.

Now, It’s Time to Book!

Now that you have figured out some of what to do and see in Keauhou, and which hotel resort and vacation rental to go with, it’s time to book your Big Island adventure. Let the people who know the area help you find a vacation rental on Big Island.

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