The Best Things to Do on a Maui Vacation in Hawaii

October 8, 2021

Hawaii is on top of everyone’s bucket list. Its second-largest island, Maui, is a place you should not miss. It is home to every nature-lover and adventurer at heart. It offers the most breathtaking sandy beaches, lush forests, fresh cuisines, magnificent cultural sites, and even the best vacation rentals that would make your stay fun and worth it!

When you vacation on Maui, you’ll never want to leave. It is a magical place full of limitless adventures and all the good things you could ever think of. But of course, to maximize your vacation, planning is essential. You should lay down the top things you should do while you’re in Maui, including where you’d explore and the places to stay.

Top things to do in Maui

Going to Maui is all fun and games when you discover that there are thousands of places to explore and countless activities to do. Then, without proper planning and forethought, there is a chance that you will become overwhelmed and that your stay will not be as enjoyable as anticipated. But don’t worry, we’ve laid out everything you can do during your vacation.

Go surfing

One of the top reasons why people go to Maui is its long list of fun things to do, including surfing. You can enjoy the splashes of waves in Kaanapali Surf School with professional instructors famous for encouraging first-timers!

Whale watching adventure

If you’re on the island between December and April, you can have up-close encounters with humpback whales in the warm water while riding in fast-paced crafts that will surely give you an adrenaline rush.

The Auau Channel between Maui and Lanai is the best place to catch sight of the gigantic humpback whales. Indeed, you will have a one-of-a-kind experience in your Maui vacation with these massive creatures!

Become a mermaid of your dreams

Going to Maui wouldn’t be complete if you won’t experience being one with the ocean, becoming a mermaid! Located in Kihei, you can join mermaid swimming classes and fulfill your mermaid dreams in just a snap! With certified naturalists instructors to guide you, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Maui’s marine life and reef ecology!

Learn to hula

Hawaii is known for hula, a Polynesian style of dancing that originated in the Hawaiian Islands. In Maui, you can dance to your heart’s content along with their hula dancers that offer not only hula lessons but also workshops, parties, events, and the list goes on.

Feast on the best cuisines

The local food in Maui is unique as it comes with a long and rich history. It has flavors and tastes that you’ll never find anywhere else, and therefore, it is only right to taste their popular dishes.

Hawaii is famous for its excellent local coffee that will absolutely make you crave more. In Upcountry Maui, stop at Grandma’s coffee house that offers a special hot cup of coffee and share stories with friendly locals.

In Kihei, you can catch the Eskimo Candy Seafood Market & Cafe that offers the best Maui seafood menu, including tempura, coconut shrimp, homemade crab cakes, and more deliciousness. If you’re up for a quick and affordable option, Island Gourmet Market is to the rescue. They offer filling breakfasts, famous acai and poke bowls, and a decent wine selection.

Rich in the best cultural sites

Maui is rich in culture and history. Its Native Hawaiian past spans more than a thousand years. Additionally, Maui has developed into an island of a diverse community where its artifacts, folklore, landscapes, historic buildings, traditions, languages, lifestyles, and, of course, people have all contributed to it. The Hawaiians have preserved their cultural landscapes that made the island special. As a tourist, you wouldn’t want to miss out on exploring the cultural resources that Maui offers.

In Maui, you can discover the Lahaina Historic Trail with more than 500 years of history in over 65 sites in Lahaina Town. The first stop is the oldest surviving house on the island, the Baldwin Home Museum, then stop by at a giant courthouse and arrive at the legendary Banyan Tree, which is over a hundred years old.

Stay in the top-quality and most comfortable places

After a long day of activities and adventures, you deserve to settle in an area that you know would give you the best and efficient services. Here are some of the perfect vacation places to stay.


Located between Lahaina town and South Maui, Maalaea provides vacation rentals with large spaces and total privacy, away from a busy outside life.

In this place, you can also access the Maalaea Harbor, home to the Pacific Whale Foundation and the famous Maui Aquarium.

North Kihei

If you’re looking for more affordable and offer excellent services, then the North Kihei oceanfront vacation rentals are best for you. In this paradise, you can experience the morning Hawaiian sunshine and bathe in the freshwater at the tip of your fingers.

South Kihei

You can have the best time of your life as this destination is famous for bright blue skies, crystal clear water, and wide sandy beaches perfect for your Maui vacation.

South Kihei offers vacation rentals with fully-equipped kitchens and all the best amenities you could possibly imagine.


How nice would it be to stay in paradise and have barbeque time with your family and friends while enjoying the scenic view of the beach? You can experience all that with the Wailea vacation rentals that offer luxurious amenities, including beachfront pools, on-site barbeque grills, and more, allowing you to have the best time of your life.

The island of Maui has always been one of the top vacation spots in Hawaii because of its natural beauty, prime sunsets, notable locals, and of course, the finest places you can find. Therefore, when going to Maui, ensure that you have everything planned out, and in case you need help in your stay, don’t hesitate to reach out, and we’ll help you experience the best vacation ever.

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