When is the Best Time to Travel to Hawaii & What Things Should I Do?

September 24, 2021

Going to Hawaii is like a dream come true, especially for nature lovers. With its long, sandy beaches, stunning sceneries, and unique delicacies, you already know that your time there will be precious and worthwhile. But before you go, consider making an itinerary to ensure that you can maximize your time well. Planning what time you go, what places to go to, and what activities you’ll do, should all be organized in advance.

When should I go to Hawaii?

Before doing anything else, the first thing to consider is setting the proper date and time of going to Hawaii. You can make the most of your time with Hawaii’s warm and humid temperature. There are lesser rains, high temperatures, lowest statewide rates, and fewest visitors on the island during these months:

  • April – There are lower than average visitors on the island at this time. This is perfect for couples who want to unwind, and since kids are still in school, you would encounter lesser crowds.
  • May – This month is the best time to visit Hawaii. With perfect weather conditions, fewer crowds, and cheaper hotel rates, you are sure to enjoy your stay.
  • September – With warm oceans, balmy and summery temperatures, and a ton of festivities like the Aloha Festival that comes with parades, street parties, and an abundance of food and music, this month is great to visit as well.
  • October – Like others, this is also an excellent month to book your Hawaiian vacation as it offers reasonable rates and tons of festivals that you could join and enjoy.

What places should I go to?

Hawaii is home to a lot of beautiful beaches, scenic views, and fun water activities. But since this is all about making your stay worth it, you should go to places that offer the best.


Being the “golden child” in the archipelago, Maui is the best vacation site to go to in Hawaii. It offers world-famous beaches, exquisite cuisines, and amazing Haleakala sunset that you should not miss.

You can also feast your eyes with the breathtaking Haleakala crater, also known as the house of the rising sun, where you can overlook its volcanic terrain sitting over 10,000 feet above the sea.

It is inevitable to explore different shops in Hawaii looking for souvenirs, one-of-a-kind artifacts, and more. Thankfully, Maui has it all. In just a 40-minute drive from your South Maui vacation rental, you can explore the front street of Lahaina, where culturally rich boutiques, notable eateries, and stunning art galleries take place.

Big Island

Big Island, also known as Hawaii Island, is a home for every adventurer at heart. It offers crystal clear waters, snow-capped mountains, lush forests, impressive waterfalls, and more.

Staying in Hawaii is to be open for adventures. On the Big Island, you can explore Hilo’s tropical rainforests, go to the Wailuku River State Park and enjoy the Waianuenue or the Rainbow Falls, Boiling Pots, and Pe’epe’e Falls.

On the Big Island, you also get to see white, black, and green sand beaches that are unique and will truly just leave you in awe.

Your stay in this place wouldn’t be complete if you won’t take part in the Merrie Monarch Festival, where the world’s best hula dancers gather in Hilo to celebrate the ancient art of Hula as the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people.

Where should I stay in Maui?

You will surely not regret staying in Maui as it is one of the best places to explore in Hawaii. But of course, the feeling is different if you settle in the most comfortable place after a long day of exploring and doing adventures, so here are some of the best places to stay.


Maalaea vacation rentals offer a serene and peaceful vacation getaway that you would surely love after a whole day of running here and there. If you’re up for a place where you can hear the gently crashing waves at night, then this is the place to be.

Additionally, it is located between the Lahaina town, where you can explore the front street of Lahaina, and the rest of South Maui, with the nearby beaches of Kihei and Wailea, giving you easy and convenient access to adventures.

North Kihei

North Kihei condo rentals is one of the most visited vacation destinations in Hawaii. They offer cheap and affordable rates with excellent services that are just what you need.

South Kihei

Famous for its blue skies, warm weather, and brilliant sandy beaches, South Kihei has vacation rentals that have easy access to local shops, and you can overlook some of the best views of the beautiful Kahoolawe, Molokini, and Lanai islands.


Famous for its five beautiful, crescent-shaped beaches and stellar golf courses, Wailea stays on top! Its condo rentals are known to offer serene, private, peaceful, and a sense of freedom in this luxurious community.

Where should I stay on Big Island?

If you’re betting on the Big Island, here are two of the top places that you should consider:


Keauhou has hotel and vacation rentals that offer premier amenities, including gigantic pools, hot tubs, spacious fitness rooms, and wide tennis courts. In just a few minutes away, you can enjoy snorkeling, surfing, and swimming in the lovely bays of Keauhou and Kahaluu.


Known as the coffee lovers paradise, Kona is located in the center of West Side’s finest attractions. It has hotel resorts and condos that are close to different adventures and sceneries that you can enjoy. You can go snorkeling and kayaking on Kealakekua Bay, visit Holualoa for its famous coffee culture, and more.

Get ready for your trip!

By this time, you already know when to go and what places to stay in Hawaii. Both Maui and Big Island offer the best of the best, but if you need help choosing your best destination, don’t hesitate to reach us, and we’ll be there for you!

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