What to Pack for Your Hawaii Vacation Getaway

December 10, 2021

The stunning state of Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations for vacation goers. With its perfect year-long weather, world-class beaches, and lush sceneries, tourists get to experience a life of paradise. It’s easy to understand why many people anticipate their holiday trip to the Aloha state and daydream about the things they will do.

Before going to the Big Island, Maui, or other parts of Hawaii, you must prepare everything you need and pack your bags. It’s easy to get carried away from the excitement, but it shouldn’t get in the way of planning for your trip. To help ensure you’re ready for your vacation and don’t forget anything important at home, we’ve prepared a list of what to pack for your Hawaii vacation.

Top 10 Best Items to Pack for a Vacation to Hawaii

Just like how you’ve carefully considered which Hawaii vacation rental you’ll stay at, you also have to think about what you need to bring for your trip. Some people may not know this, but several random and unexpected items can make your trip even better. Below are a few of the best things to pack for your vacation in Hawaii.

Reef-friendly sunscreen

Since it’s summer year-long in the state and you’ll be spending most of your time under the sun, you’ll need to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays. But if you’re buying sunscreen for your Hawaii trip, you must look for coral reef-friendly products that don’t contain oxybenzone or octinoxate. It’s not only about keeping the environment safe but also complying with Hawaii’s laws of banning sunscreens that contain these chemicals.

Casual or comfortable clothing

It may be tempting to bring your whole closet with you on your trip, especially if you want the perfect oufits that are Instagram-worthy. However, it would be best to control yourself, pack light, and prepare the proper clothing to avoid wardrobe issues. Since Hawaii is a tropical island, go for casual and comfortable clothes like polo shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, capris, and swimwear. You should also bring a light jacket since nights by the shore can become chilly.

UV-blocking sunglasses

Whether you’re vacationing on Maui or the Big Island of Hawaii, you can expect that Hawaii is almost always sunny and bright. As much as you need to protect your skin, so should you shield your eyes from the UV light. You will benefit well by investing in a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection. Those with polarized lenses are also a great choice since they will provide you with excellent visibility in changing light conditions.

Sun hat

Sure, sun hats are difficult to pack, and you will most likely need to wear them during your flight to Hawaii. But when you feel like the sun is trying to grill you alive, this head covering has your back. For the ultimate protection, you may want to pair up your sunglasses with a broad-brimmed sun hat. It can protect and shade your head, neck, and shoulders from the harsh sunlight.

Foldable umbrella

Although it’s sunny all year long in the state of Hawaii, the islands are still a tropical paradise. That means rain showers and extreme wind are relatively common in many places, especially rainforest areas. If you’re planning on visiting Hawaii, it’s best if you prepare for its warm and wet climate and bring a foldable umbrella. That way, you can protect yourself from getting completely drenched while visiting places like Haleakala on Maui.

Hiking boots

Speaking of mountains, Hawaii has some of the best places to go hiking, perfect for beginners and seasoned trekkers. You can try hiking the Waihe’e Ridge Trail in the West Maui Forest Reserve, the Kalalau Trail on Kauai, the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail on Oahu, or other beautiful places. However, if you’re thinking of traversing these routes or going on adventures, you’ll need to pack your trusty hiking boots.

Water shoes

Water shoes are one of the unexpected items that could change your Hawaii trip for the better. Many of its islands are teeming with coarse and sharp lava rocks. If you do any water activities, you could cut your feet from the corals or get into an accident from the slippery rocks. A pair of water shoes can protect your feet from the harsh terrain and provide traction on wet and slippery surfaces.

Dry bag

Bring a dry bag for your trip to protect your belongings from getting wet during water activities. For those who don’t know what a dry bag is, it’s a waterproof and lightweight compression sack that keeps your items from getting wet. Even if it’s splashed by waves or submerged in the ocean, water won’t be able to get inside and damage your possessions.

Sand-free and quick-drying beach towel

Forget about packing those bulky and fluffy regular towels. Instead, look for ones that promise a sand-free and quick-dry experience. With these beach towels, you no longer have to lug wet, heavy, and sandy towels around after a day of fun at the beach. Not only are these products mess-free, but they are also compact and lightweight, making packing convenient and easy.

GoPro or any underwater camera

Your trip to one of the most beautiful and famous vacation destinations in the world isn’t complete without capturing moments for you to remember forever. That’s why you should always add a GoPro or any underwater camera to your packing list. Whether you’re enjoying a hike with your family or going for a snorkel and discovering the rich marine life in Hawaii, this waterproof camera can capture all your unforgettable experiences.

If you want your vacation in Hawaii to be one of the most unforgettable moments of your life, you will need to make adequate planning and preparations. It’s not just booking a flight at the best time of year, finding the best vacation rental or hotel-condo discounts, and preparing a comprehensive itinerary.

You must also ensure that you have all the essential and practical items in your pack. From reef-safe sunscreens to appropriate clothing and convenient dry bags, you can make your trip more safe, comfortable, and stress-free while creating fun memories with your family.

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